Hamburger Gagenfonds

Here you can apply as musicians, bands, music projects, collectives or artistic DJs from the Hanseatic City of Hamburg for the Hamburger Gagenfonds. The grant shall enable musicians and DJs to be creative and innovative in times of COVID-19.
From 01 – 31 January 2021, the Hamburg Gagenfonds will take a break. More futher information see below…

Hamburger Gagenfonds temporarily suspended, application deadline ends on 31.12.2020

From January 1st to 31st 2021, the Hamburger Gagenfonds will take a break. No applications for funding can be submitted during this time. We will use the month to process the large number of applications received. Applicants who are already registered will still have access to their registered profile data and can edit it. Users who are not yet registered can log in to the Hamburger Gagenfonds and enter their profile data.

We are trying to extend the application for the Hamburger Gagenfonds in 2021 and will inform you about this in due time. In the meantime, use the time and check the guidelines and FAQ.

The RockCity Gagenfonds team leaves for Christmas vacation on the 18th of December.. From January 4th 2021 we will be there for you again. Urgent questions you can ask during this time by mail to gagenfonds@rockcity, these will be answered regularly.

Until the 31st of December 2020 you can apply as musicians, bands, music projects, collectives or artistic DJs from the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Through the grant, you can top up low or missing fees that you received for virtual or phsyical concerts and DJ sets in times of the pandemic.

Please note: Funding can only be applied for concerts/DJ sets that have taken place. No funding can be applied for cancelled concerts/tours/DJ sets!

On the right hand side you can register for the application. Please read the application guidelines in advance. Once registered, you can submit simplified applications for your shows. We recommend that you gather all the necessary evidence before submitting your application. Then you can get through the application process quickly. Please read the guidelines below to see which documents are required. If you have any further questions or would like to give us feedback, please contact us by mail at or by phone at 040 / 317 927 01 (Mon-Thu, 15-17h).

1st funding round: October 22nd to November 20th 2020

2nd funding round: November 21st to December 31st 2020

3rd funding round: expected to start Feb. 1st 2021


Four steps to a complete application:

  1. 1. Read the guidelines
  2. 2. Register with your e-mail address and password of your choice
  3. 3. Create a profile with details and evidence of your professional musical work
  4. 4. Apply for the grant with details and proof of the played concert/DJ-set and the received fee/donation

Please note: The forwarding to the application form may take a short moment.

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Der Hamburger Gagenfonds ist ein Projekt von RockCity Hamburg e.V. in Zusammenarbeit mit der Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg.