Routines & techniques for creating the consistent and centered artist (english) // mit Franny Whitfield (Level A/B)

► Di. 05.04.2022, 18:00h-20:00h, Zoom
ACHTUNG: Verschoben vom 09.03.2022

Routines & Techniques for creating the consistent and centered artist (english)
Mit Franny Whitfield (Level A/B)

The sun shines longer everyday and we’re creating optimistic plans for 2022 – it’s time for an artistic reload! That’s why POP≥INSTITUT is bringing you the wonderful Franny Whitfiled to the digital workshop room! Franny is an Artistic Development coach from New York, who has been working for years to support artists discover their highest potential. At POP≥INSTITUT Franny will talk to you about methods ofCreating the Consistent and Centered Artist”. The Workshop will focus on daily routines and techniques, that incorporate a ‚little and oftenapproach to self-organisation, that will prepare you for stage and life. Franny will show you exercises and tools to keep you recommitting to yourself as an artist. As a group you will work on techniques that support orientation when you have lost your way!

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